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Our unique Astrology E-books describe the characteristics of each star sign in a fun and colourful manner. There's more than just a grain of truth in each book. Find out your best career prospects, your ideal love match and and what you expect from life and love.

Full colour with delightful illustrations highlighting the individuality of each star sign.

Energetic Aries   Practical Taurus   Versatile Gemini   Caring Cancer
The Energetic Aries
Mar 21 - Arp 20
  The Practical Taurus
Apr 21 - May 21
  The Versatile Gemini
May 22 - June 21
  The Caring Cancer
June 22 - July 23
Flamboyant Leo   Intellectual Virgo   Harmonious Libra   Mysterious Scorpio
The Flamboyant Leo
July 24 - Aug 23
  The Intellectual Virgo
Aug 24 - Sept 23
  The Harmonious Libra
Sept 24 - Oct 23
  The Mysterious Scorpio
Oct 24 - Nov 22
Boisterous Sagittarius   Persistent Capricorn   Eccentric Aquarius   Mystical Pisces
The Boisterous Sagittarius
Nov 23 - Dec 21
  The Persistent Capricorn
Dec 22 - Jan 20
  The Eccentric Aquarius
Jan 21 - Feb 19
  The Mystical Pisces
Feb 20 - Mar 20